Smart energy management with second life batteries

Re-Juice Benefits

Increase potential of solar

Increase your solar self-consumption. When the sun shines, store extra energy from your solar panel in your Re-Juice battery. At Night, feed from your
Re-Juice battery instead of the grid.

Energy management

Re-juice batteries have a Built-in Energy Management System (EMS) that monitor your building consumption and smooth the peak demand by injecting power from the Re-Juice batteries to your Electrical network.


Re-juice integrated converters can hold the power when the grid is down.

Improve EV charging

Electric Vehicules are rising and people rely on your parking places to recharge. Re-juice batteries have a built-in system that enables you to power more charging station while reducing your installation costs

Technical specifications


Power module of 20 kw
Up to 200 kW per cabinet
UPS Technology
Very high efficiency AC/DC conversion: 96%

Modular storage

Capacity of 20 kWh / cabinet
320 kg
8 Battery modules
Standart dimensions: 600 x 800 x 2100mm
Up to 10 units in parallel

With each 100kwh Re-Juice Green batteries,
 help the planet and save:

20 t of CO2
18 kg of Lithium
55 kg Cobalt

Re-Juice installation

Local market

With 20kWh / 20kW battery

5 charging points
100 m² solar panels


With 200 kWh / 100 kW battery

30 charging points
1000m² solar panels

Hypermarket / shopping center

With 1MWh / 500 Kw battery

300 charging points
10 000 m² solar panels


4000 cycles 10 years life


Specially Developped BMS safety device


Re-Juice takes care of the Recycling for you and for free!

Our Services

Energy audit

Built-in energy controler and self-learning software
Monitor building consumption and regulate the power in and out the battery
Takes into account the weather forecast to foreseen future input of solar


Profit from our internationnal presence with our partner CMI Maintenance to replace battery modules with low state of health and keep your Re-Juice battery eternal


Access all statistics about your Re-juice battery and monitor your electrical network.

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